Sunday, May 18, 2008


Road of Peas

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Thursday, November 01, 2007


KSR Kingworth shares the Ladybugs and Aphids

We have a couple dozen rose bushes in our yard, and as winter faded they became infested with aphids. I went down to Gray's Garden Center and came home with a cast of thousands. (See the first photo is the Middle-Fork Ladybugs Archive.) In all honesty, I was more interested in taking pictures than getting rid of the aphids, and so I sought out the best lit most populous spots and dumped a few hundred ladybugs right on top of them. This is not the recommended procedure for efficacy in aphid elimination.

The fig tree was also infested, and provided the big green background for this picture.

KSR Kingworth has been so kind as to post this picture with a credit Lady Bugs do a lot of Good at her blog, which appears to be only named visually. Very cool.

This picture has been hotlinked in a few other spots. Here is its list of hotlinks from a few weeks ago: dLadybugEatsAphid.html

Thanks KSR Kingworth!


NEWSLANG and Our Maple Tree

This has been a good year for pictures of the Sugar Maple in our front yard. I've been home during all parts of the day, and the rain and wind didn't leave the tree shorn of glory. Last year the tree was totally red for a few busy days, and then the rain laid it bare.

Our Maple Tree Middle-Fork Archive

NEWSLANG posts this picture under the caption
A Cold and Wet November Drama at Nexopia.


Saturday, July 21, 2007


Horacio and the Angel Cloud

Horacio has used the Angel Cloud as wallpaper on his profile page.
This really works, I like the effect a lot. I had just fallen over in the forest, and was wishing the ground was as soft as the clouds looked.

Horacio hotlinked this picture on 12 July, 4 short days after I posted it. Here is the Clouds 2007 in which it appears.

Thanks Horacio!

Saturday, June 23, 2007


Arkan and Houdini and the Maple Leaves

Arkan is using this picture as wallpaper at his Profile. This looks like a pretty cool place, I'll have to check it out further. Arkan is"an aspiring sprite comic author."

This picture is almost totally obscured, but he had searched for "leaves" and was diligent enough to work through more result pages than I to find just exactly the right leaves to border his page, and so this is cool. I salute your aesthetic stamina, and refined clarity of vision!

Thanks, Arkan!


Miles and de Kooning in the Afterworld

Miles is using my picture of de Kooning in Afterworld as wallpaper on his MySpace Profile. It's kinda awful - doesn't work worth beans as a background, but what the heck, I like my picture enough to make a big mess of chili.

The picture is a photograph of a shallow creek running across bedrock, viewed through a template created from a drawing. The white is the paper the drawing was on. I like this technique a lot, and have been edging back into more work like this.

Thanks Miles!

Friday, May 25, 2007


JuvFan and the Cool Pants

This is a polaroid from long ago, and has been hotlinked for the first time by JuvFan on a Macedonian forum called Kajgana.

Puritan Warning: Some Racy Content

I have no good idea what this is all about, but it looks like fun - a lot of celebrity types draped in partial clothing, and at the bottom of the page someone who looks like they would be more at home at a carnivsl.

Thanks, JuvFan!

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